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seasoning master Debra Dawson

In forty years of professional cooking I have used about every herb in the Western repertoire. Of these, certain combinations have proved to be outstandingly versatile and useful, due to their natural affinities. Always right beside the stove, they became the Good Thyme Herb Blends.

Experimenting with the intense flavors of dried mushrooms, I found that finely-diced and blended with seasonings, they form a convenient, ready-to-use mix requiring no soaking or chopping, adding their famous savor to all simmered dishes.

Good Thyme Herb Co. was created in 1990 to make these blends available to you, along with suggestions for their use. Since then, thousands of creative cooks have made them part of their culinary experience. I think you will find them as indispensable as we do, and you will enjoy discovering your own new ways to use them.

Bon Appetit !!
Debra Dawson

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Debra Dawson began cooking in rural France, on a farm in the Brie Champenoise east of Paris. The stone barn she was helping to remodel had no electricity, no running water, and no stove, just two gas burners and seven fireplaces. There began her love for "one-pot cooking" using herbs, vegetables, and meats, and for open-hearth roasting techniques. She learned from the farm women, who took pity on an American girl, and was trained by partner Jacque Pere in the culinary lore of his peasant and Parisian background.

Emigrating to Mendocino, California in 1973, it was natural that they open a restaurant. At Cafe de la Grange. then later the tiny, picturesque Little River Cafe they produced memorable meals, in the robust style they loved. In 1981 Debra established the restaurant at Navarro Ridge Inn. Now Fensalden. She has since done private catering, and produced specialty menu items for the Chocolate Moosse Cafe in Mendocino village, for which many of the Herb Blend recipes were developed.
The GOOD THYME HERB BLENDS are a result of these many years of passionate involvement with fine foods and the art of eating well.

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