1999 French & Breton Camp Photos

pipe workshop

Cornemuse Workshop

Alan Keith is shown modeling the latest in summer piping fashionwear as he puffs away on his 20 inch musette. 'Keeping their cool' are attendees, from l - r: Arthur Hixson, Bettina O'Brien and Chris Caswell.

Camp Bar

Camp Bar

This photo shows the camp's infamous French Polynesian Tropical Bar - with "Pinky" (the palm), "Lelani" (hula dancer), "Barnacle Pete" (parrot), and those *#%+$ frogs!.


Those *#%+$ Frogs!

Some camps give out I.D. buttons for registration,.....we were supposed to hand out frogs. But our "registrar" decided that they were better suited as "art & entertainment". Parents, "best cover your kids' eyes for this shot!"

bar & dancers

Tropical Bar & Dancers

Another view of the camp bar with "Pinkie", "Leilani", "Pete" and frogs. Breton dancers take a break in the background.


Happyhour at French Camp

'Happyhour' celebrants are shown here, l - r: Patrick Bouffard, Penny Cloud, Alan Keith and Tom Logan.

Benoit & Cyril

Benoit, Cyril & Bar

Benoit Mager and Cyril Roche (two of the members of Trio Patrick Bouffard) discuss American camp life at 'Barnacle Pete's Tropical Hideway'.

mask workshop

Mask Workshop

Our "Arts & Crafts Department" is shown here conducting a mask-making workshop for the upcoming Carnival Bal. Shown l-r are: Tom Logan, Barbara "Fun Director" Slone, Bonnie, Dorothy Hawkinson, and ?

Carnival warmup

Carnival Warmup

Things are warming up on Carnival Night, as Avis (fiddle) and Mickey Zekely (flute) get the tunes a rollin'.


"Carmen" Slone at the Bal

Here we see that delightful tropical dish, ...er, ...fruitmound?, Barbara 'Fun Director' Slone doing what she does best... Also, looking pretty swell herself in a Breton pirate outfit is Jan Zollars?

Carnival Dancers

Carnival Night Bal Dancers

Barbara 'Carmen Miranda' Slone and Monsieur Arrigo D'Albert (the Hurty Gurdle Guru) 'trip the light fandango'.

Art & Jan

Taking Their Ease

Arthur 'Mystery Man' Hixon and the lovely Jan Johnson are seen here taking their ease from the Carnival soiree frivolities.


'Carnival King' Sylvestre

Here, we see King Sylvestre-the-anteater, presiding over his Carnival subjects. (You may have noticed a strange human-like suspendage beneath his protruding furry proboscus and 'bovine-boy' crown.)

Carnival Clarinet & Cornemuses

Cornemuses, Clarinet at Carnival

Things are really starting to get out of hand when Shawn Folsom on clarinet joins Alan 'Toadfeathers' Keith and Benoit on grande musettes at the Carnival soiree.

More photos coming! So keep checking back to see more bizarre turns and twists in the story of French Camp '99.

Photo Credits:
All photos on this page by Debra Dawson.

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